About the Speakers

Tonya Riney
Executive Vice President

Jeff Campbell is the founder and director of Motrain who help organizations with learner engagement through motivational design.  He works with organizations that are looking to improve the results of their learning programs.  Jeff has an M. Ed and B. Ed from the University of British Columbia and has taught in public education for 16 years, many of those using a blended learning approach. Over the last two years, he has helped a number of companies massively accelerate course enrollments and completion rates while helping build communities of loyal learners.  He is currently exploring customer education initiatives.

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About The Webinar

Modular and very flexible in nature, the open-source Moodle and Totara Learning Management Systems offer organizations the ability to create a best-of-breed learning experience using seamless integrations to tools that can extend LMS functionality. With the ability to choose from over 1,400 free modules and plugins or a variety of third-party solutions, a learning platform can be customized to meet specific learning needs like eCommerce, analytics, reporting, gamification and much more.
Join eThink on Thursday, March 12th, 2020 at 11:00 am Eastern as we explore some of our favorite plugins that can be used to enhance the learning experience. During this session, we'll explore top LMS plugin picks, case studies for their use, and hear eLearning strategies directly from the leading solution providers themselves. You will hear from: 

  • Training management software Arlo about how to promote and sell your eLearning and instructor-led courses - including shopping cart (eCommerce), CRM, marketing tools and course management. 
  • Reporting and analytics platform, IntelliBoard, about how you can leverage your valuable learning data. Inform decisions related to your learning programs and desired outcomes, and learn how you may be able to reach your educational goals faster. 
  • Gamified training solution Motrain on how organizations can improve the timeliness and frequency of learning and increase course completion rates and engagement through interactive learning and tangible rewards.

Duration: 1 hour

Date: Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Time: 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm GMT

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Amplify the Learning Experience: Top LMS Plugins to Include in Your Learning Program ft. Arlo, Intelliboard, and Motrain

Dr. Tonya Riney is the EVP, for IntelliBoard, Inc. She is a “reformed” college professor, having taught in a university classroom for more than 10 years and worked within several eLearning departments. Her PhD is in Training and Performance Improvement, with IntelliBoard being a clear passion for how it influences learning in a positive way. She hosts multiple eLearning Success webinars and academic article reviews to spread information about eLearning and inform the construct, delivery and methodology for global education initiatives.

Jonathon Corlett
Marketing Manager
Randy Jones
Vice President of Business Development & Strategy
eThink Education

As VP of Business Development & Strategy Mr. Jones is responsible for overseeing eThink's channel network and partner relations as well as working with the executive team on various strategic initiatives. Mr. Jones joined the eThink team in 2014 and he brings over 13 years of education technology experience including 4 years with the New York Times and 4 additional years providing Virtual Course Material solutions. Mr. Jones holds a MBA from University of Baltimore and a BS in eBusiness & Marketing from Towson University.

Jonny has spent the last 10 years + helping businesses grow through technology. He has a keen interest in digital marketing and has helped Arlo become the leading software solution for commercial training providers.

Jeff Campbell