About the Hosts

Randy Jones
Vice President of Sales

eThink Education

Steven Zeier
Account Executive

Mr. Jones brings over 10 years of education technology experience to eThink including 4 years with the New York Times and 3 additional years providing Virtual Course Material platforms. Mr. Jones holds a MBA from University of Baltimore and a BS in eBusiness & Marketing from Towson University. 

Steven leads efforts at ilos to unlock the power of video for every organization. Steven comes to ilos after spending 5 years with Google consulting with Fortune 500 organizations on how to best leverage Data to make more efficient Digital Marketing Decisions. Steven has a passion for people and uses that craft creative solutions to any problem within an organization. 

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About The Webinar

Microlearning is one of the hot trends being discussed in the eLearning world - and for good reason. Microlearning, the delivery of small, laser-focused training assets on just-in-time topics, is being increasingly used by organizations for both formal and informal learning. Easily digestible and requiring less time to complete, microlearning allows learners to quickly acquire and store important ‘nuggets’ of knowledge.

Within the realm of microlearning, video reigns king. And these videos don’t require a lot of production time.  Quick, casual micro-videos and screen recordings  are an effective way to  share detailed information on a specific learning objective. Micro-videos have also been proven to increase engagement and improve retention among learners, making it the top medium for microlearning deployment.

Join ilos and eThink Education on Tuesday, July 17th, at 2:00pm Eastern to learn how you can efficiently utilize microlearning videos in your learning strategy.

During the session, you will learn:

  • What is microlearning and why you should utilize this strategy when delivering eLearning content
  • Why video is the #1 medium for microlearning
  • How you can create micro-videos with ilos directly within the Learning Management System
  • How to manage videos within Moodle or Totara, as well as record and measure results
Duration: 1 hour


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